Are the Leaked Images of a DJI Phantom 5 With an Interchangeable Lens Camera Credible? [Updated]

Images of a Phantom 5 with an interchangeable lens have been floating around the Internet for weeks. The recent addition of two new pictures is fueling the rumor mill, but who is behind these leaks and are they credible? What about the future Mavic Pro 2?

Source and Analysis of the Images

There are a lot of rumors about DJI products, but the vast majority of them are wrong or fake. The Phantom 4 Pro is due for an upgrade since it was released at the end of 2016, only 10 months after the initial Phantom 4. This unusually long life span for a DJI drone generates a lot of speculations. Forum experts and unverifiable sources have been forecasting the announcement of the new Phantom 5 within the “next few weeks” for more than a year now. However, this latest rumor is more consistent due to the leaked images and

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