Mosquito-hunting drones

Mosquito-hunting drones

Hunting mosquitos is a full-time job in Florida. The Lee County Mosquito Control District has been doing it since 1958, using helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft to track and kill the disease-spreading pests.

The county began using two drones about a year ago for surveillance, said Eric Jackson, public information officer for the Mosquito Control District, but it is looking to expand its use of the unmanned aerial systems.

Earlier this month, the district was named as one of the winners of the Federal Aviation Administration’s Drone Integration Pilot Program. It will soon start testing drone applications that currently require waivers, like flying beyond the line of sight or over people.

Surveillance requires regular monitoring of waterways for aquatic weeds where mosquito larvae are protected from predators. The district works to keep these weeds at bay, and a drone outfitted

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