Business looks to secure drone footage for Jonesboro


The company MAAS Leaders or marketing, advertising, and specialties is working on an unexpected special project with the city of Jonesboro.

The group is hoping to get drone footage of downtown Jonesboro, to be used during emergency situations.

They are working with the city officials, the fire department and the Jonesboro Police Department to finalize the details of the project.

The footage would help during emergency situations like an active shooter or a hazardous material spill.

Officials would have pre-recorded aerial footage of downtown ready at a moment’s notice.

MAAS Leaders also say they would be able to fly the drone into a crime scene where police are searching for a suspect, or test the air during an Haz-Mat situation.

“We could send that 3D image to every police car, every fire truck, every first responder’s computer,” said company

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