Pick up this $100 HD camera drone for less than $60

Over the past few years, drones have become the “it” gadget — and for good reason. “Kids” (and kids at heart) love to steer a high-tech hovercraft, while photographers can capture selfies and breath-taking aerial shots. 

The only problem is that most drones are overpriced and unnecessarily large. If you’re trying to keep the fact that you still play with toys under wraps, carrying around a giant $500 drone is probably not the best look. That’s where SKEYE’s Mini Drone comes in for the save. It has all the capabilities of a traditional drone but is a fraction of the size and price. 

Check it out in action:

This model boasts cool features like four coreless motors, six-axis stabilization, and LED lights, allowing it to sail smoothly through the sky, day or night. Thanks

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