Fly Around Hawaii’s Erupting Kilauea Volcano With This Up-Close Drone Footage

Drone Racing League pilot Gab707 is known for two things, his amazing skills and the jaw-dropping landscape footage he collects. In his latest work, he flies over the lava fields around the erupting Kilauea volcano on Hawaii’s Big Island, showing off both his abilities as an acrobatic pilot and his cinematic style of filming. 

Getting close to spewing lava is no easy feat. Obviously a lot can go wrong in such an extreme environment, and a sudden loss of connection to the expensive drone would have sent it and the attached GoPro camera plummeting into thousand-degree molten rock. “The drastic winds, crazy turbulence and zero landmarks made it tough to fly there, but Gab got within four meters of flowing lava and captured this video,” a representative from the Drone Racing League told us.

The drone in question isn’t a typical