The Best Cameras and Drones of 2018

Tools to capture your most cinematic adventures.

(Courtesy Sony)

Sony a7r III ($3,200)

Best for the pro

Sony is the new tornado of the industry, tearing profes­sional photographers away from their Canons and Nikons. Astonishingly, small cameras like this one are how the company has managed it. The a7r III captures massive RAW images (up to 42.4 mega­pixels) at blistering speeds (ten frames per second)—stats never before seen in such a small package. Add niceties like 425 autofocus points, dual SD-card slots, 4K video, and days-long battery life, and you’ve got a finely tuned picture-making machine.

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(Courtesy Fujifilm)

Fujifilm X-E3 ($900)

Best for the obsessive 

The midlevel mirrorless mar­ket is a competitive one. Most of the cameras are light, fast, and capable of producing noticeably better images than your smart­phone. The three-quarter-pound

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