Open architecture, NATO or civilian, it all works for drone bods Insitu

Balancing military and civilian standards for data-crunching and software development for surveillance drones is an interesting challenge, according to unmanned aircraft company Insitu.

Insitu’s main products are its unmanned aerial vehicles, which include the Scaneagle and the Integrator. In conceptual terms these are semi-autonomous aeroplanes that are directed by ground-based operators from a fixed location, and are equipped with cameras and similar imaging payloads.

Josh Beavers, one of Insitu’s product managers, told The Register a bit about the firm’s Icom C2 control suite, used to fly its aircraft and manage the onboard cameras. He said: “The approach has been more about the task at hand as well as flying the aircraft. We try to optimise all the workflow and user experience for the task that has to be done, rather than how to manually stick-fly.”

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