DJI Air Vs. GDU O2 Review Comparison: A Compact Drone Face-Off …

Since it entered the consumer drone market, DJI has been consistently the brand to beat—so much so, in fact, that many of its competitors just gave up, focusing instead on toy-grade quadcopters or doubling down on high-end commercial products. Those that have hung around the full-featured semi-pro sector—Yuneec, Ehang, GDU, and even GoPro—have struggled to keep up with DJI’s lineup. The company is consistently first with new features, first to miniaturize, and first to push the boundaries of performance and capability.

That’s good for DJI, but not always for everyone else. Even in a market as niche as drones, choice and variety are good things. Competition keep pressure on to improve products, and it helps keep prices down. But it also allows for even small nuances in performance to matter. After all, BMW, Mercedes, and

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