Hong Kong’s nano drone racers find space to fly in concrete jungle …

Roland Pang’s first encounter with drone racing was on YouTube. Intrigued by a video of fast-moving quadcopters zipping through the air at a race course in California, he instantly went to buy one for himself.

“When I first flew my drone using my goggles… I was just completely hooked,” he said.

That was five years ago. When I met Pang in Hong Kong on a humid Sunday in April, he was busy working through the last-minute logistics of an event he helped organize — billed as the city’s first indoor drone race, taking place that afternoon.

Drone pilots prepare for their big race

As with esports, the emergence of drone racing goes hand in hand with improved technology.

Just as a speedy and affordable broadband network helped esports grow, the rise of smartphones brought down the price of small cameras

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