Gina Haspel and the Fiction of a Feminist CIA

In Haspel’s case, the agency went on an unusually forward public relations campaign, which featured the glass ceiling narrative. In an official profile of Haspel made up of select declassified details, the CIA noted that “the skepticism of some of her male colleagues” to her first posting “was obvious, with comments like, ‘I can’t believe they’re sending you to a place like that.’” An anonymous official told CNN that “anyone who knows the confirmation process knows she is on track to get confirmed, D.C. men’s rooms gossip notwithstanding” – a side comment that seems to underline the effort to paint opposition to Haspel as having to do with her gender, not her record.

It’s a convenient coincidence that the agency’s Twitter feed celebrated Women’s History Month in March with a series of threads on Haspel’s female forebears at the CIA. In a Washington Examiner piece

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