Bargersville police using new drone software for crash investigations

BARGERSVILLE, Ind. – Bargersville police officials believe they are the first police department in the state to use emerging software that allows drones to help gather measurements for crash scene investigations.

Chief Todd Bertram says his investigators began using “Drone Deploy” software two months ago and it is already saving officers’ time at crash scenes.

“Have less officers tied up at the scene for a less amount of time, but still gather the data that needs to be gathered,” Bertram said.

The Drone Deploy program connects a drone to a web-based interface that allows an officer to map the perimeter of a crash site on a tablet. The drone then flies itself across the perimeter, crisscrossing the grid and taking dozens of high-resolution photos of the scene below. The photos are fed into the software and processed into a single image of the crash scene. Using the mosaic image, investigators can mark points on the map

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