5 great reasons to buy your first drone this summer

If you’ve never owned a drone before, the idea of buying a $1000 piece of flying technology and crashing it on its maiden voyage might terrify you. And let’s be clear — that’s absolutely a possibility. Give a novice drone pilot a top-end, super fast drone and a crash landing of some sort is almost guaranteed.

Fortunately, there are quality drones available to fit into any budget. Sure, you’ll be exchanging some cool features like HD video and auto-piloting modes — but if you’re a complete novice to drones and other remote-controlled toys you’re best off getting something that lightweight and replaceable. Especially if you’re buying for a younger child, you want a drone that won’t cause too much harm if it comes crashing into someone, and also at a low cost point so you’re not absolutely heartbroken if it crashes and breaks.

Once you feel entirely comfortable piloting a cheap, plastic

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