From Startup to Empire: The Evolution of DJI Drones

The following is a guest post by Ali Crane of Dr. Drone, Canada’s first DJI Store.

Similar to the evolution of the Smartphone, personal computer, and internet, drones have quickly grown from a DIY hobby to a mainstream technology used all over the world. Fast-paced innovation has made today’s drones smaller, safer, and more affordable than ever, while flight features and camera quality have continued to improve at rapid speed.

The company who has risen to lead the pack of this billion-dollar industry is DJI, a drone manufacturer based in Shenzhen, China. DJI currently controls approximately 72% of the global drone market, according to a 2017 study by Skylogic Research, and has become infamous for their dedication to innovation and powerhouse production, consistently releasing a steady stream of industry-leading drones while their competition struggles to keep up pace.

The Inception of DJI 

The drone empire known today

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