Cobb buys second police drone this year

Cobb Police will buy a second drone, making it the second purchase this year, due to a unanimous vote of the Cobb County Board of Commissioners on May 8.

The DJI Matrice 210 Quad Copter Drone will be bought for $25,735 from federal asset forfeiture revenue.

Like the other drone, this drone has all-weather capabilities and a higher flight time with payload than the police department’s current devices, according to Cobb Police Chief Michael Register and Cobb Public Safety Agency Director Sam Heaton.

The drone also is equipped with a thermal-imaging camera for night operations and a 180X zoom camera to aid in traffic accident investigations, crime scenes, assessment of natural disaster areas, crowd-control events, victim location/rescue in hard-to-reach terrains with automated grid searches and fugitive tracking, they said.

With the ability to create 3D models for traffic accidents, the use of this drone will increase officer safety at traffic accidents and may reduce

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