Ottawa police are flying their first two drones, and they will be on display

Ottawa police now have their first two drones in operation, and you can see them Monday morning as part of Police Week.

These are not crime-busting drones, says Staff Sgt. François D’Aoust. Their job is more related to public safety.

For example, there was a recent case in Perth County, west of Kitchener-Waterloo, in which police were searching for a woman with dementia in a rural area.

The woman had become lost in a cornfield — a difficult place to search on foot because corn grows so high that a person can see only a metre or two.

But the drone was able to look down and spot her, registering her body warmth against the cooler ground.

Ottawa also has large areas with difficult access where a person could become lost, such as Green’s Creek and the Mer Bleue area, D’Aoust said.

“Using the UAV, we would be able to scan a large area with the thermal camera.

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