Oxford police now have an eye in the sky with high-def drone

OXFORD – The Police Department has heightened its reach with the launch of Oxford Air One.

After seven years of recreational drone flying, Officer Craig Gagner took his hobby to work and for now, he is the department’s lone pilot of a recently acquired 6-pound wisp of aerial technology.

“These things will almost fly themselves,” Officer Gagner said Thursday during a public demonstration.

The DJI Inspire 1 drone can be deployed in five minutes or less. Its live, 360-degree combination high-definition and thermal camera captures still photos and video, day or night.

Officer Gagner said it has a one-mile range, travels up to 60 mph and will fly in light snow, rain and wind.

Its many police uses include search and rescue on land or in shallow water, accident reconstruction, hostage scenes, and SWAT deployment.

Examples of how Oxford Air One will aid other town departments, Officer

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