London Southend Airport trials drone surveillance system

A successful trial of a drone surveillance system has taken place at London Southend Airport in the UK.

IPS has partnered with aerospace and defense company Metis Aerospace’s Skyperion technology to develop a suitable solution for integration into airports.

This system spots drones sooner than has been previously possible and allows them to be tracked. It also identifies exactly where the operator is located, a benefit that has previously been almost impossible.

Damon Knight, head of London Southend Airport air traffic services, said, “We do not have any outstanding issues with ‘rogue’ drone operations at London Southend, but we have had some sightings near the airport which fortunately have not affected our operations.

“However, we recognize that there is a wider problem for the aviation industry and so as an airport we have been very involved in understanding how we can deal with the issue and helping to explore ways to coordinate drone activity

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