May 11, 2018

A successful trial of a drone surveillance system has taken place at London Southend Airport in the UK. IPS has partnered with aerospace and defense company Metis Aerospace’s Skyperion technology to develop a suitable solution for integration into airports. This system spots drones sooner than has been previously possible and allows them to be tracked. […]

More than 7,000 miles from Washington and far from America’s headlines, a war in Yemen is rewriting America’s strategy against Iran and terrorism. The three-sided civil war pits two radical Islamist forces — Al-Qaeda’s largest surviving army and Iran’s biggest proxy force — against each other and six of America’s Arab allies. U.S. Special forces […]

DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – Students at East Dayton Christian are developing the skills to enter a booming and diverse industry of unmanned aircraft systems. Friday, a small group from the high school demonstrated what they’ve learned in the first five months of a new course called Drone Technology and Pilot Training. Started as a science lab […]

By Deb LaPlaca, Correspondent OXFORD – The Police Department has heightened its reach with the launch of Oxford Air One. After seven years of recreational drone flying, Officer Craig Gagner took his hobby to work and for now, he is the department’s lone pilot of a recently acquired 6-pound wisp of aerial technology. “These things […]