Criminals Are Now Using Swarms Of Small Drones To Befuddle Law Enforcement

Criminals are no longer restricted to burner phones, guns, and getaway cars. They’re finding new, sophisticated ways to smuggle contraband, conduct counter-surveillance, and retaliate against those who threaten their schemes.

The biggest growing trend among criminals? Using drones.

Defense One reports that FBI agents were monitoring a hostage situation involving organized crime at an undisclosed location last winter. To confuse the agents, the gang used a swarm of small drones to repeatedly fly close to their heads at high speeds, forcing them out of their hiding spot, according to the FBI’s head of operational technology, Joe Mazel, who spoke at the AUVSI Xponential conference on May 2nd. “We were then blind,” says Mazel — the agents, in other words, lost the target. 

The criminals also livestreamed the drone’s footage on YouTube, showing their collaborators exactly where the agents were.

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