John Kelly Reportedly Told Scott Pruitt to Please Try to Knock It Off With All of the Scandals

Photo: AP

Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt probably should been fired a dozen times by now. He hasn’t, however, because when it comes to Trump’s overarching goal of rendering the federal government’s regulatory power toothless, he’s been one of Trump’s most effective agency heads. But that doesn’t mean that the White House is happy.

According to The Daily Beast, Chief of Staff John Kelly called Pruitt a day after he got a nice little call from Trump, and Kelly wasn’t pleased:

Chief of Staff John Kelly wanted to know, after revelations had surfaced that Pruitt had been renting living space in Washington, D.C., from a pair of high-powered lobbyists—one of whom was lobbying his agency at the time—what other shoes, if any, were going to drop. Is there

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