Justin Timberlake runs into the stands, pays tribute to Prince at the Super Bowl Halftime show

(Photo: Getty Images, Kevin C. Cox)

Weirdly, the lead-up to Justin Timberlake’s big return to the Super Bowl halftime show has been largely about managing expectations. Rather than teasing something that the world has never seen before, Timberlake has been telling people not to get too excited about a surprise appearance from Janet Jackson or the other members of ‘N Sync as rumors spread about a scheme that would directly contradict the wishes of Prince by resurrecting him as a hologram.

Because of that, the hype for tonight’s big mid-football performance seemed a bit lacking, which sort of came through in the largely standard opening medley. Focusing more on dancing than singing, Timberlake bounced out onto the field from below the stadium and eventually broke into “Rock Your Body”—though he himself off right

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