Trump threat puts European role in lethal US drone strikes under …

As the Trump administration prepares to further expand the US’s lethal drone program, increasing the risk of civilian casualties and unlawful killings, Amnesty International is calling on four European countries to urgently overhaul the crucial operational and intelligence assistance they provide to the program.

Amnesty International and others have documented cases, under successive US administrations, where US drone strikes have killed people who were not directly participating in hostilities or posed no imminent threat to life, including children. In a new report, Deadly Assistance: The role of European states in US Drone Strikes, Amnesty International uses open source information to map out the assistance the UK, Germany, the Netherlands and Italy provide to the US drone program, and shows how these states risk being held responsible for violations under international law.

“The UK, German, Dutch and Italian governments have been assisting in the USA’s secret global killing program for years, providing vital intelligence

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