Drone to assist in police, fire and public works activities

PLEASANT PRAIRIE – Look, up in the sky. It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s…not Superman, but the village’s DJI Phantom 4 Pro unmanned aircraft system, which has been used mainly for training purposes so far.

The high tech drone, which includes a remote control, multiple rechargeable batteries, software and camera equipment, was purchased by the village last year for about $2,500, according to Dan Honore, director of information technology and cyber security.

The drone is equipped with a 24-megapixel camera, which also takes 4K video, mounted on a gimbal for optimum stability in flight. Six fine-tuned sensors keep it from crashing into things.

“We can program it to fly a grid pattern if we’re searching for somebody in a field, for instance.” he said. “Let’s just say the police are running along and they’re following somebody of interest.”

The drone can be programmed to follow that individual wherever they go “so long as

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