Stockton police drone leads to arrests of 2 suspects

Stockton police arrested two people Tuesday and said a drone helped lead them to their suspects.

Police arrested a 16-year-old attempted homicide suspect at Taft Park in south Stockton.

“This was an incident that we got from our community response team. It was a good arrest,” Stockton police spokesperson Rosie Calderon said.

During the arrest of the 16-year-old, whose name was withheld because the person is a minor, the department’s drone operator noticed a man putting a gun into his waistband.

That man, later identified as 22-year-old Terry Emerson, then left the area in a car, police said. Officers stopped and arrested him after discovering three handguns. He now faces multiple weapons charges.

The department began using the drones in January, according to Officer Joe Silva. The department now has six drones, which provide the aerial support it previously didn’t have.

Department policy on the use of

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