Telangana govt exploring ‘drone surveillance’ for security of

The Telangana government is mulling using drones for security of women employees in the IT corridor here, a top state government official said today.

“Telangana Government is exploring drone surveillance for security of women IT employees in the IT corridor. The drone will be first responder when women are in distress,” a release, quoted Principal Secretary for IT, Jayesh Ranjan, as saying.

Police stations under Cyberabad Commissionerate would operate drones and when a SoS call is made (by a woman in need), the drone using GPS can trace the victim and will reach in no time with the siren alerting lot of people, he said.

“The idea which was mooted at a Hackathon recently in the city appealed a lot. And we are in a very preliminary stage of this initiative. We will roll out this in next one

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