​WRPS to use drones in collision and missing person investigations

Waterloo Regional Police are experimenting with using a drone to help in missing person searches and car crash investigations. 

The drone, also called an unmanned aerial vehicle, will cost $94,123. That includes training through the Waterloo Wellington Flight Centre, insurance, a one-year warranty and the actual cost of the drone — which was $83,699. 

The force believes that’s money that will be easily recuperated in just over a year.

“It is estimated that the use of an UAV will result in an annual cost savings of $79,050, (i.e. collision scene surveying: $7,000; collision aerial photography: $6,600; missing person searches: $65,450),” according to Police Services Board minutes. 

The savings will come from reduced people-hours, said the board report. 

Currently, officers take two to four hours to survey a collision scene. Using a drone, the same work would

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