Tech Junkie Review – DJI Spark Drone

In the world of drones there are now A LOT of options.  Prices ranges from $20 into the thousands.  Spend too little and you’ll just get annoyed, spend too much and you’ll wonder why it cost you $2,000 to shoot video of your kids in the backyard.  Where is the sweet spot?  The DJI Spark might just be that sweet spot with some pretty cool features that let you fly it without touching the controller at a price that won’t break the bank.


The DJI Spark is surprisingly small.  I’m not sure it technically falls into the “pocket drone” category but it’s pretty darn close.  Without the battery attached it seems to weigh nearly nothing.  Clearly aiming at the consumer market, the Spark comes in 5 fun colors.  The Spark we tested was “Sunrise Yellow.”  The Spark has the standard body and props that stick out on all 4 corners. 

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