Predator Started Drone Revolution, And Made Military Innovation Cool

Abe Karem, inventor of Predator, and Snake Clark, its Pentagon godfather, with 49th Wing Commander Col. Houston Cantwell at Holloman AFB Predator retirement 2017


The iconic weapon of the post-911 era, the Predator, is being retired today. I asked Rick Whittle, who quite simply wrote the book on the subject, to tell our readers why Predator matters both as a weapon and as a concept. See what the man who fired the Predator’s first Hellfire missile — and took a huge career risk leaving the special operations community and volunteering to fly the new fangled drone — told Whittle about the plane’s importance. And Whittle of course spoke with Snake Clark, the Air Force’s unconventional fixer, who helped make it possible for pilots to fly Predator from the other side of the world and strike those

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