San Diego State University Opens Drone Lab to Jumpstart UAV Development

San Diego State University opened a Drone Lab as a UAV innovation center on campus that makes drones available to faculty and students, with funding provided by the Aztec Parents Advisory Board. 

This new center for unmanned aerial systems technology was established with to attract students to the drone industry, with a possible jumping-off point to internships and professional employment. Those permitted to utilize SDSU’s Drone Lab as a resource are able to study and use 12 drones, disparate in their purpose and specialization. Fortunately, we’re seeing more and more of these university-based drone labs spring up, most notably perhaps the University of Michigan’s outdoor drone complex.

According to DroneLife, the intention here is to introduce a generation of SDSU students to the seemingly endless opportunities being afforded by the modern drone industry.

“The goal of the Drone Lab is to get people thinking about

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