Sunbathing mother and daughter feel watched by hovering drone in Auckland backyard

A hovering drone seemed to be spying on a sunbathing mother and daughter in Mt Wellington, New Zealand. Melissa Rays and her daughter Morgaine Halligan were soaking up the sun in their backyard late in the afternoon when the drone showed up. The video footage shows the drone hovering above their house and backyard, seemingly spying on them.

DJI Inspire 2

Sunbathing session turns creepy when a drone hovers over their backyard

The drone hovering over their backyard made Rays and Halligan uncomfortable. Halligan (23) felt the drone was invading their privacy and had this to say about it:

“I was changing in a fenced-off backyard, when I finished I looked up and saw a drone. My mum was in her bikini in our private area also. It hovered above us for another 15 minutes. It is just creepy as you don’t know what the purpose may

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