Police drones are saving lives — here’s how a UAV helped rescue a car crash victim

When we think of drones being used by the police, it’s easy to fret about the potential for Orwellian aerial surveillance in our towns and cities.

“A great eye, lidless, wreathed in flame,” hovering over Rotherham, perhaps, to borrow the apocalyptic parlance of Tolkien.

However, before we get all dramatic about drones with a gaze that can pierce “cloud, shadow, earth and flesh,” a number of police forces up and down the UK are using UAVs out of a desire to do good.

Lincolnshire Police’s drone unit says its thermal search and rescue craft may have saved a man’s life after he was found in a 6-foot deep ditch in the middle of a deathly cold night.

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The driver was suffering from hypothermia and 160 metres from his crashed car when the UAV located his position.

You can see the moment, which occurred at 2:20am, in the tweet below.