Korean Register of Shipping Approves Surveillance Drones

The Korean Register of Shipping (KRS) has awarded class approval to Robotics In Maintenance Strategies (RIMS) for the use of drones during surveys of enclosed spaces.

This is the fifth product class approval secured by the global project and maintenance consultancy in the past six months.

Its next approval for drone inspections of confined spaces is set to further expand RIMS options for shipowners and managers in the realm of drone surveillance.


Image: David Knukkel, CEO RIMS BV on-site during Korean Register audit


RIMS plans to use smart drones and robotics for use in surveyance, with the goal of replacing high-risk and resource intensive maintenance activities with smarter, more sustainable solutions.

The use of drones during surveys enables remote live on-screen object inspection, which can potentially replace the costly access equipment that shipowners and managers need.

The machines can also reduce the time it takes to carry out a survey, minimizing risk, and reducing costs.


Image: drone operator during flight

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