Harris Aerial Develops Hybrid Drone Capable of Five-Hour Flight

Orlando-based drone company Harris Aerial, a member of the University of Central Florida Business Incubation Program, has developed a hybrid drone powered by gasoline and electricity. Its power sources allow it to fly for several hours at a time. According to Harris Aerial, this carbon fiber composite quadcopter is foldable, durable, and configurable with thermal imaging and hyperspectral cameras. Naturally, this would make it a highly-capable unmanned aerial vehicle for surveillance, monitoring, and inspection industries. 

According to Orlando Business Journal, the hybrid nature of the Carrier H4 Hybrid provides it with a flight time of nearly five hours, and a bit more than two hours when carrying a 10-pound payload. New Atlas reported that the official entry in the Guinness World Records for longest drone flight is listed as a two hour and six-minute flight. Of course, the Hybrix

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