Skydio R1 Autonomous Camera-Drone Can Be Yours, and There’s Nothing Else Like it

The Skydio R1 is being marketed by the company as ‘the first self-flying camera’ and, well, they’re not fibbing. But the R1 is so much more than just a smart camera with wings.

The R1 is, in fact, the most advanced tracking and navigation technology ever installed in a commercial drone, and it changes the way that shoppers will view the consumer drone market. It’s the ultimate selfie-cam, following you while recording your every movement from an aerial view. And, the R1 is a far cry from the wobbly prototype that was displayed by Skydio in a video nearly two years ago.

So how does the R1 do it?

For one, with a brilliant team of humans which includes three MIT graduate students behind its engineering. While at MIT, Adam Bry, Abe Bachrach, and Matt Donahoe – the founders of Skydio – worked to perfect high-speed autonomous flight

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