DJI Mavic Air First Impressions: Strengths and Weaknesses

The highly-anticipated Mavic Air finally landed at Fstoppers a few days ago. This tiny quadcopter comes with an impressive set of features but everything is not perfect. Here is short preview of what I like and dislike about this drone.


Portability and Size

After years of traveling with bulky drones that take all the space in my carry-on bag, the Mavic Air is a pure joy. Small and light, it fits in a single lens slot inside my camera bag.

The Mavic Air is smaller and lighter than most lenses. It’s the perfect travel drone.

Three-Axis Gimbal and Stability of the Video

Despite its size, the Mavic Air can handle a great deal of wind. I flew with 16 mph of wind and the video came out great. The overall stability of the drone and gimbal is impressive. I haven’t noticed any “jello” in the video footage (wobble on the

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