Woman shouts: “Just kill me!” Instead police used drones to help …

A Florida woman shouted to the police: “Just kill me! Just kill me!” Instead, the police used drones to help end a 4-hour-long standoff. The 57-year-old woman had parked her Kia sedan right in front of a semi-truck at a Walmart parking lot on Dec 8.

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Drones played a crucial role in ending standoff

The woman from Cocoa Beach, FL waved her handgun at the police officers and pleaded to die at their hands. In an hours-long standoff, she kept cursing at the Stafford County sheriff’s deputies.

“She kept talking to herself, yelling profanities and enticing us to shoot her, over and over and over again,” said Capt. Ben Worcester, a member of the Stafford County Sheriff’s Office.

Instead of rushing into the situation, the police officials used two drones to safely monitor the woman without putting any police officers at risk. The unmanned

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