This $2500 Autonomous Camera Drone Navigates Tight Spaces Like No Other

The R1 has 13 cameras that allow it to capture and sense what’s going on around it in 360 degrees, and easily avoid most obstacles by adjusting quickly and flying by them. It’s controlled by Skydio’s iOS or Android app, which lets you launch it in either a quick-fly or more traditional digital joystick mode. And its intelligent visual tracking system can tell the difference between multiple people, even continuing to follow one person if another walks or rides in front of them. Skydio claims the R1 is better at distinguishing between individual people, as well as between people and non-human objects (like pets, cars, trees, and so on) than any other consumer-grade drone.

[Photo: courtesy of Skydio]

Powered by an Nvidia TX1, a 256-core GPU that’s often found in self-driving cars, the R1 offers 64GB of on-board storage, enough for

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