Cleo’s Donut-Shaped Drone Is Aimed at Indoor Security and Surveillance

As you can see, the Cleo is an all-in-one gadget. There’s no assembly required here and thanks to its vital components being completely encased, fears of potentially damaging the drone itself via collision fall by the wayside, as well. When it comes to flight time and functionality, according to IEEE Spectrum, the Cleo lasts anywhere between 12 and 15 minutes and doesn’t involve any movable weights as part of its mobility. As Eleryan himself explained, “We introduce control surfaces into the airstream to change the direction of the airflow and create a thrust vectoring effect.” In simpler terms, the Cleo doesn’t push itself in a direction by shifting weights around in its body, but by managing the surrounding airstream itself, and using the altered currents to its advantage. 

We’ve all had frustrating experiences with UAVs before, and as Eleryan himself puts it, it

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