2 Pueblo police drones planned to be in operation in April

The Pueblo Police Department is getting close to launching two drones that they plan to use to help in locating missing people, apprehend suspects and other police activities.

City Manager Sam Azad said the goal is to have the drones in place and operating in April.

Police Deputy Chief Chris Noeller said the department is seeking bids for two drones — one that is capable of outdoor flight and has thermal cameras, and another that can be used inside buildings.

Once the department gets the bids back, they will go over them and figure out which meet their requirements.

The police department already has two officers certified to fly drones, and they will be the only individuals who will operate them initially. Those officers will be on-call to respond whenever a situation arises that requires the assistance of one of the drones

Down the road, the department would like to get more officers certified to

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