Drowned swimmer’s body retrieved with help of drones

A 22-year-old man, an international tourist, drowned on Wednesday while swimming near Fingal Beach in Northern New South Wales, Australia. For the first time, drones played a role in retrieving the body from the ocean.

DJI Inspire 2

Boats, jet skis, police divers, and drones

Even though emergency services had found the body in the water, dangerous surf conditions prevented them from retrieving the body. With the help of boats, jet skis, police divers, and drones, they were able to safely bring the body back to shore on Thursday morning.

ABC News reported that according to NSW Surf Lifesaving’s Chris Samuels, the drones gave the recovery team more visibility in poor conditions.

“The drones give us another perspective on the water with a bird’s eye view,” Mr Samuels said. “Drones and helicopters can be very beneficial on a day like this.”

The young man got into trouble while swimming

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