Intel’s Winter Olympics light show featured a record-breaking 1218 drones

The Olympics opening ceremony is always a big show, and this year was no exception, with Intel joining in on the fun with a record-setting performance of 1,218 Shooting Star drones flying in sync to create huge light-up images of Olympic sports and the iconic Olympic rings in the skies over Pyeongchang.

Like the drones that flew at Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl halftime show, the record-breaking 1,218-drone flight wasn’t live at the opening ceremony — it was pre-recorded in advance — although a smaller group of 300 drones did make a live appearance at the ceremony.

Intel will also be showing a 300-drone live performance each night at the medal ceremony as well, so attendees will have plenty of chances to see the drones in person at the games.

Per a report in Wired, while the scale of this year’s show is certainly

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