Drone tech swarming air show

Behind the noisy aerobatic flight displays and lines of visitors ogling fighter jets and missiles on the tarmac, the future of aviation is on display in a cavernous exhibition hall at the Singapore Airshow, Asia’s largest aeronautical event. And that future is drones.

Among the crowds of media, military and marketing execs, there’s a drone, or unmanned aerial vehicle, at almost every turn. From Northrop Grumman’s monster spy plane Global Hawk, which flew in from the U.S. Air Force base on Guam, to a small, battery-powered quadcopter from Singapore startup AeroLion Technologies that can fly through underground tunnels without GPS, there’s a drone for everything.

Well, almost everything. Executives at the big airliner makers are still coy when it comes to pilotless passenger jets. Autonomous travel has a long way to go before most members of the public will

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