Military Tech: Iran to Mass Produce Drones Capable of Bombing …

Iran has launched the mass production line of a new tactical unmanned aerial vehicle armed with a precision-guided bomb, the media reported.

Citing a state TV, Xinhua news agency reported that Iran’s Defence Ministry on Monday unveiled Mohajer 6 drone equipped with Qaem precision-guided bomb.

Defence Minister Brigadier General Amir Hatami, who attended the ceremony, told reporters that Mohajer 6 has the capability to carry out surveillance, reconnaissance and combat missions within a wide operational radius.

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It can also help the armed forces of the country identify and destroy pre-determined targets with high precision, he was quoted as saying.

The new Iranian drone is capable of sending intelligence during day and night time and can take off from and land on short runways.

Over the past decade, Iran’s development of the pilotless aircraft has intensified.

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