DJI Mavic Air review: Aerial photography’s next small thing

When I first saw the size of the Mavic Air, I assumed it would have less features than the Mavic Pro. And in some ways that’s true. The Air is rated for 21 minutes of battery life, while the standard Pro tops out at 27. Also, that smaller size means it’s probably more prone to being blown around by mother nature. But for the most part, some important parts, the Mavic Air matches or bests the Mavic Pro — and that’s a good thing (unless you just bought a Mavic Pro, I guess).

Unpacking the Mavic Air reinforces how small it is. The packaging for the Phantom 4, for example, is about the size of typical carry-on luggage. The Mavic Air’s box looks more like something premium headphones come in. DJI suggested the folded Mavic Air is about the size of a large phone (if you ignore its height). This

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