How to Handle an Intelligence Committee Chairman Gone Rogue

Barring an intervention from the heavens, the so-called Nunes memo will be #released at some point over the course of the next week, either because President Trump or because he does nothing for four more days.

The Justice Department has House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes that #releasing the memo before allowing full review by the department and the FBI—which Nunes has denied—would be “extraordinarily reckless.” (Nunes has since allowed FBI Director Christopher Wray to view the document, though he has apparently disregarded Wray’s to keep the memo classified.) The department has also denied that there is any evidence of wrongdoing related to the FISA process—an allegation apparently central to the memo. Nunes’s Democratic counterpart Adam Schiff has the memo as “transparently cynical and destructive.”

If that wasn’t

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