Drones: American Arrogance and Pakistan’s Duplicity

Regional Diary

Drones: American Arrogance and Pakistans Duplicity

SubaChandran, PhD

The recent American drone strike in Pakistan’s tribal region has rekindled the old debate. Pakistan has raised the question of sovereignty and collateral damage, whereas the Americans argue that the drones targeted a militant commander belonging to the Haqqani network.

Given the lack of independent access, one will never know about the drone targets. However, what is clear is the restarting of drone programme by the Trump administration after a decline in its use. The use of drones by the CIA, with their base in Afghanistan peaked under Obama’s period. Though it started during Bush administration, the American reliance on the drones as a preferred weapon of choice across the Durand Line reached an all-time high when Obama was the President. However, during the later part of Obama’s period, there was a decline in the drone attacks. Perhaps,

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