This Brand New Drone is Tiny and (Basically) Unbreakable

If you’re a fan of drones, then the recent news from DJI will be exciting. DJI, the South Korean technology company who dominates the drone market, has announced that they will begin selling their newest product later this month: the Mavic Air. For those readers who are a bit more familiar with drone technology, DJI’s brand new Mavic Air falls somewhere between the functionality and size of a Spark and a Mavic Pro. For those who are not, that means the Mavic Air is smaller in size (and now weights about as much as an iPhone) than the Mavic Pro and more compact (read less prone to breaking) than the Spark.

But really, it’s the specs that readers and potential users should really consider. The Mavic Air is equipped with a built-in camera that can shoot 4k video and 12-megapixel still images (for comparison, the iPhone X has the same figures).

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