DJI Tello, Spark, Mavic Air, or Mavic Pro: What Are the Differences and Which Drone Should You Pick?

In less than a year, DJI released four entry-level drones, from the cheap Tello to the more advanced Mavic Platinum. The mid-range segment is now occupied by the Spark and the newly announced Mavic Air. In some aspects, the latest DJI drone outperforms the pricier models, which can be confusing. Is the Mavic Air better than the Mavic Pro? Which one should you buy and why? The answer: it depends of your needs. Up next, we provide a complete comparison to help you navigate through the main differences of each drone, including their strengths and weaknesses.

Here is quick comparison chart of the drones:

DJI Tello – $100

This micro drone was just announced a few weeks ago. DJI decided to tackle the very crowded entry-level market in partnership with Intel and another Chinese manufacturer called Ryze Tech. The result? A tiny drone loaded with sensors and advanced stabilization features.

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