Watch: Seagull ‘steals’ GoPro cam, captures stunning drone-like …

An attempt to capture seagulls up close on a camcorder went horribly wrong for a man in Norway when the bird scooped his action camera off the deck and flew away.

Kjell Robertsen found the camera five months later and retrieved the footage of the “theft”, which shows an innocent looking seagull feeding on bread crumbs before it hops forward and picks up the camera in its beak.

Robertsen had placed some bread crumbs around his GoPro to lure the seagulls in for some close-ups but one of the birds grabbed the camera in its mouth and “stole” it.

The seagull in flight managed to capture stunning shots of the jagged Norwegian coast as well as a panoramic view of the houses dotting a scenic landscape. The video shows the seagull finally dropping the camera on the ground about 300 metres away and pecking at it.

The video, uploaded by GoPro,

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