Slidell police say drone is their eye in the sky

A flick of Slidell Police Capt. Nicky Mistretta’s fingers propelled the drone skyward. Chief Randy Fandal stared into the sun to watch it.

The drone stared back down at him, beaming Fandal’s likeness onto a television monitor inside a police vehicle 365 feet below.

This is the Slidell Police Department‘s new eye in the sky.

Led by Mistretta, the department has begun using a drone – unmanned aerial system or “UAV,” Mistretta insists – to augment their force on the ground. 

The applications are numerous: search and rescue operations, crowd control, crime and accident scene photos just, to name a few.

“It really is the wave of the future,” Mistretta said.

Fandal agreed.

“This will be a tool of the future for law enforcement,” he said. “It’s amazing what you can do. It’s unreal.”

Drone use by law enforcement agencies is growing across the country, prompting both praise and concern. In Seattle and Los Angeles, for instance, residents voiced

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